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New Builds

New Builds

At All Construction Services London we’ve built new build housing projects ranging from a single residential house right up to new build housing estates and new build blocks of apartments of 40 or more units.

All Construction Services can handle new build projects ranging from £90k to £10 million in build cost

Certified Contractor

We are certified contractors and ensure proper building and high quality service.

Quality Materials

We use top quality materials and products in all our projects.

Dedicated Team Members

Our team consists of professional craftsman and dedicated to finish job to your satisfaction.

Planning to Turnkey Delivery

We will be assisting your project from planning to full completion.

  • Planning Advice. Is your proposed idea realistic? Knowing whether a development stands a good chance of approval or not can be worth millions to you


  • Property Tactics. You’ve found a site with potential but what is going to work best? Keep it as a commercial site, convert to residential, a mix of the two?  What does the market want? Apartments, HMO rooms, small commercial units, large commercial units?  What finish does the market want?  As you can see this is a minefield.  We’ll help you make your way through unscathed.
  • Development Costing Advice. If you don’t know roughly how much it’s going to cost you to develop how can know with any certainty whether it’s going to be profitable or not?


  • Exit Strategy. So you’ve found a site, you see the potential. What is your exit strategy?  Sell, or hold and let?  More importantly what is your back up strategy if plan A fails?  We can help with this.
  • Speak to an architect to draw up plans (we can recommend professionals if you need us to)
  • Submit application for planning approval
  • Provide us with building regulations drawings & call to arrange your FREE consultation
  • We’ll meet you on site and be able to offer you advice and a detailed quote
  • You instruct us and we agree a start date
  • We do the rest